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Business Startup Bonus


High fives on coming this far -- you rock!!

The Business Startup Bonus  is designed for those awesome companies who want to develop a more innovative, intrapreneurial culture AND want to share the love by sponsoring a local startup too.

Your company  will receive a minimum of 10 hours of consulting services  (eg. 2 half-day sessions) per month, with sessions tailored to your specific needs -- everything from strategic advice, to training and workshops for your team; from project management to running an internal hackathon...

< Queue your best Demtel voice >

"But wait, there's more!"

As well as enjoying all the bells and whistles of the Business Startup package, your support will enable the next generation of business leaders to benefit from a Startup Co-Pilot package, provided by way of Sponsorship to a local startup that is either nominated directly by your company  or selected from a range of potential candidates.

The Business Startup Bonus  is available for $3,500.00 (plus GST) per month. Pay for your first two months now and receive a bonus third month free of charge.

Additional consulting  is available at a discounted rate of $100.00 (plus GST) per hour.

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